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April 9, 2023
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Pixiv MOD APK, also known as “Pixiv”, is an online social network based in Japan that provides a platform for manga artists, painters, novelists, and other creators to publish and showcase their work. The app also allows other users and artists to give feedback, rate, and discuss their work.

Unlimited Personal Work Posting

One of the great features of Pixiv MOD APK is that there is no limit to the number of photos you can post. However, you have to wait five minutes for each post. In addition, users can see how their images are performing by viewing summary statistics such as the number of ratings, comments, visits and overall performance. In addition, if someone responds to a user’s work with an image, the five most recent visual responses will be displayed as thumbnails below the comments section. However, this feature only applies if the comment is directed at the user’s work.

Create a Comprehensive Profile

Pixiv MOD APK also allows users to create an impressive profile that showcases their work and provides some personal information. The profile page displays the three most recently submitted images, labelled and displayed as thumbnails in reverse chronological order. Users can also enter their name, birthday, gender, country of origin and a few introductory sentences. Users can also add their own images to their personal page and other users can comment on them.

Simple Tagging Ability

Another great feature of Pixiv MOD APK is the ability to use tags to link photographs based on shared themes and interests. Users can either use set tags or changeable tags when uploading images. Changeable tags must be editable or detachable at the user’s discretion. The tag function allows site users to quickly and easily mark photographs as favourites, which are grouped together in a unique style, utilizing criteria such as tags, titles, short image comments, etc. Users can arrange their favourite images in any order, view the most recently added or oldest photo in the collection, and choose whether they want anyone to be able to see their choices. Additionally, users can add people to their favourites in private or public mode.

Join a Large Community

Pixiv MOD APK also has a large community of people with similar interests and hobbies. This community feature gives users a fun and useful playground where they can interact with each other. Pixiv Premium users can also use the site’s events community to organize meetups in remote locations. Only Pixiv Premium users can host events, but all users can view and participate in all public events. Premium users can only host one event at a time and can only schedule it for three months. In addition, the Pixiv community of event organizers can only host Pixiv-related events, so all other meetings will be cancelled. There can be a maximum of three co-leaders in the event team at any one time.

Pixiv MOD APK is a great social network for creative people who want to showcase their work and get feedback from a large community of like-minded people. The app’s features such as unlimited posting of personal work, extensive profiles, tagging options, and a large community of users with similar interests make it the perfect place for creative people to connect and share their work.


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