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18.13.38 for Android

Vanced APK is all you need. This app changes the way games are played. It has all the features you've been wanting and more. In this post, we'll talk about how to download Re Vanced APK and make your Android device do a lot more.
Apr 13, 2023
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18.13.38 for Android
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Are you sick of ads popping up all the time on YouTube? Do you wish you could save movies to watch later or play them in the background? Re Vanced APK is all you need. This app changes the way games are played. It has all the features you’ve been wanting and more. In this post, we’ll talk about how to download Re Vanced APK and make your Android device do a lot more. So kick back, relax, and get ready to take your YouTube experience to the next level!

About Re Vanced APK

On Android, get the most recent Re Vanced APK version. Below, we go over the specifics and features of the apps.

Although YouTube Vanced is no longer around, we will always appreciate how simple things were for all YouTube users. However, there are a lot of other decent solutions with comparable or even better functionality, so we can’t merely wait for it to return.

One of the most eagerly anticipated Vanced replacements is the YouTube Re Vanced APK, which is the original. Although this app is still in its infancy, it already contains the fundamental YouTube Vanced capabilities as well as some excellent patches that continue the Vanced tradition. You may learn everything you need to know about the YouTube Re Vanced App from this article.

What is Re Vanced APK?

YouTube Re Vanced, a free, personalized YouTube client, will replace the now-defunct YouTube Vanced. It does this by giving users different extra modes on top of what the YouTube Vanced app already has. Re Vanced Music is another tool that lets users watch their favorite type of music while still enjoying all of YouTube Music Premium’s benefits. At this time, you can’t download the Re Vanced APK because it’s still in its early stages. Instead, you can use a maker to make your own app.


It can take the place of YouTube.

Unless you’d like to remove the original app, you can download Re Vanced as a second YouTube app for your Android device, just like you can with YouTube Vanced. By using this feature, users can go back to the older version of the app and correct any flaws they see in the newly released but incompletely Re vanced app.

People are unsure if Re advanced will function with the original YouTube app because the official Re vanced APK hasn’t been released yet. Several sources claim that you may need to uninstall the original YouTube app before installing Re vanced, but I was unable to locate any evidence to support that.

works on devices with and without root access.

By following a few easy steps, you can run YouTube Revamped on both root and non-root devices. However, many Android users gave up on the idea of creating their own Re vanced APK when they found that the official software wasn’t yet available.

It’s hard to blame them; downloading and installing the APK is far simpler than extracting these contents and creating your own app. Additionally, a common misconception among users is that these procedures are only applicable to rooted devices, however, this is not the case with YouTube Advanced.

Ads turned off.

In order to prevent interruptions while viewing their content, Re vanced gives customers the option to turn off both general and video advertising on the app. By making viewing simple and streamlined, helps consumers enjoy using the app more. I am aware of the significance of these advertisements, especially for the authors whose work I am interested in.

But when I have to watch a commercial that I can’t ignore in order for my video to play, I can’t help but get irritated. What if a video provided me with urgent information, yet YouTube pleasantly surprised me by showing me three commercials unrelated to what I was looking for? Consider how awful that would be.

establishing the scene.

Without having to split the screen, you can utilize other apps while watching a YouTube video. It helps those who wish to multitask while viewing a movie on a floating screen, such as those who want to browse the web or converse on the phone. Users can minimize the floating screen and merely listen to the audio version of the movie, or they can move it anywhere on their Android screen while using other apps.

When I have work to complete on my phone but don’t want to miss any relevant information from these sessions, this function is incredibly handy for podcast fans like myself. When you have to do chores and can only listen to the audio of movies, it also helps you conserve data.

aids in MicroG.

With YouTube Vanced, MicroG allowed you to check in with your Google account and view all of your settings; YouTube Re vanced now offers the same functionality. This option is helpful for users who have finished creating their Revised version and want to access all of their YouTube accounts, channels, liked videos, or content from their favorite producers without using the original app. However, since the YouTube replacement hasn’t been made available as an APK that you can install directly from MicroG, you’ll need to create Re vanced and download MicroG separately.


You may now modify the YouTube launcher’s icon and name in the Revamped app to anything you like. By granting consumers complete control over the user interface and allowing them to create their own platform, custom branding alters how people view open-source modification. This feature also encourages you to check the app frequently to view your modifications because it makes you feel good about the improvements you’ve made.

Heading at its Finest.

The Re vanced app displays the premium logo for YouTube Premium subscribers for a realistic appearance. The advantage for users is that until the branding on the website is changed, they won’t be able to discern the difference between Re vanced and the original YouTube Premium subscription. Additionally, you have the option to disable the default YouTube app and use Re vanced in its place to have access to all paid features.

Cover up the creator’s watermark.

By using a branding watermark, creators can put their logo on each and every video on their website. With the YouTube Revamped APK, you can quickly remove the logo from all videos so that you can view the content in its entirety. Users can view any content without advertising and from all sides of the video. Nevertheless, these watermarks aid in brand recognition and deter video theft, which is the practice of stealing a creator’s recordings and passing them off as their own.

Full-Screen Panels must be removed.

When the movie is playing in fullscreen mode, you can disable the description and comments box using this feature. If users prefer to view a movie without any panels or settings popping up, they will like this option. Users can stream uninterruptedly and view everything on the app as a result.


If you don’t have a premium account with YouTube, you receive a “Get Premium” splash screen each time you open the app, instructing you to do so. The “Get Premium” screen can be disabled inside the app because YouTube Revamped already provides Premium features for free. Therefore, it is impossible to demonstrate that the YouTube account you are using is an unpaid one.


You can skip the commercials in every movie on the website by using YouTube Revamped. This function reduces the amount of time before the material begins promoting endorsements, sponsorships, subscription requests, and other things. Sponsored segments assist a third party in promoting their name, idea, or item while keeping it separate from the content. However, it consumes some of the films, reducing the amount of time the spectator can stream.

YouTube Dislike Back button.

YouTube removed the hate score from each video on its platform in November 2021. With this modification, the movie’s creators were the only ones who could see how unpopular it was. You can reverse this modification by using the YouTube Revamped APK, which activates RYD integration and restores the dislike view count. By doing this, viewers can learn what other people think about a video and choose whether it is worthwhile to watch.


Videos can now be programmed to automatically restart when they stop. Users do not need to physically restart the videos by going over to their phones. Additionally, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing if you’re enjoying fantastic music while doing something else.


In the auto-brightness setting that is supported by the device, Re vanced can play HDR movies. For the greatest streaming experience, this mode offers users the best brightness settings for high-dynamic range movies on the platform. Making the optimal brightness adjustments also protects your eyes from the glare of the screen and prevents eye strain.

Slide the controls.

Swipes on Revamped may be used to adjust the volume and brightness while in fullscreen mode. You may adjust the brightness and volume of your current movie by swiping up or down on each side of the screen rather than manually turning up the volume on your phone. The space on the screen that would have been occupied by clickable icons for the video functions is now freed up by these swiping operations.


Playback speeds for the majority of YouTube videos range from 0.5X to 1.5X. However, you can adjust the default playback speed settings to meet your preferences by using the YouTube Revamped APK. Depending on what they want to do, users can alter the speed of their films to make them move faster or slower than the standard speed.


Your YouTube Revamped app has a black appearance thanks to Amoled, precisely like the dark mode in the original YouTube APK. The theme reduces the amount of electricity used by the device while displaying dark backgrounds and reducing the amount of light it emits. This lessens eye pain and shields the user’s eyes from glare.


You can disable YouTube advertising in your Revamped APK using this setting. People can create videos more quickly thanks to YouTube Shorts, which boosts both the amount and quality of the films they publish. But I can’t stop watching them because they’re always brief and to the point, in contrast to most YouTube videos. This increases their enjoyment factor. This function is the ideal method to take a break when using TikTok’s short films for extended periods of time. You no longer need to view all the shorts in order to watch crucial videos.


No matter how minor the change, some people absolutely detest it. It can be difficult to adjust to changes at times, so I can’t really blame them. As long as it is compatible with your device, YouTube Re vanced allows you to select an outdated appearance. Options include 240p, 480p, 1080p, 1440p, and more.


There are occasions when bugs cause issues in your programs or slow them down. This device aids in problem resolution. The app’s debugging is set up instantaneously and works as you stream to detect the faults and work on correcting them with the Re vanced APK.

Key Features:

  • Free to download
  • Stream free
  • No registration required
  • The best collection of movies and shows
  • An easy and unbreakable connection
  • High-quality performance
  • The interface is easy to use
  • No advertising
  • A lot more

How To Download And Install Re Vanced APK?

You can start downloading Re Vanced by hitting the button up top. After downloading, you can find APK on the “Downloads” part of your browser. Which you can find anywhere on the Internet. Before you can put it on your phone, you need to make sure it can run third-party apps. Depending on how your browser is set up, a window will pop up to ask you to accept.


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