5 Best WhatsApp Last Seen & Usage Pattern Tracking Apps

These WhatsApp Last Seen & Usage Pattern Tracking apps will help you keep an eye on any WhatsApp number and get a notification when they come online or goes offline.

WhatsApp cares about your privacy and gives you the freedom to hide your last seen from all your contacts; you can hide it from a few contacts; show it to only selected ones, or keep it visible to everyone.

However, if someone has kept their last seen hidden, you can use these WhatsApp tracker apps to be notified whenever they come online or go offline.

If you are searching for a means to track your children to find out the patterns of how they use WhatsApp, or if you are seeking a way to get in touch with someone when you don’t know when they will be online again so that you can have a discussion that doesn’t get interrupted, there is a way to do both of these things.

These top WhatsApp last saw tracker applications, which we have evaluated here, are going to assist you in maintaining a record of the following WhatsApp numbers:


We lose track of how much time we spend on social media applications since we do it so frequently, especially when we are interested in monitoring anyone’s behavior on WhatsApp. This is where WaRadar comes in handy.

The application provides you with a comprehensive report of the WhatsApp numbers you have added to the tracker, complete with minutes and seconds, which you are free to see whenever you like.

While using the WhatsApp app, you are able to view the online and offline activity of any number, complete with timestamps and information regarding the amount of time the user has spent using the program.

You may also subscribe to real-time and instant notifications, which means the app will tell you anytime a contact gets online or goes away. This is in addition to the report, which is already available.

You can actively monitor all of your family’s and friends’ WhatsApp contacts around the clock with a WaRadar subscription, which costs $9.99 a month and gives you access to all of their profiles.


Yansa is a powerful tracking app designed to monitor the online activity of WhatsApp, VK, and Telegram. All you need to do is enter the phone number.

You are able to add many accounts at once and track all of them simultaneously. Moreover, including such is a quick and uncomplicated process. After selecting the account, entering the phone number (including the country code), and tapping the ok button, touch the plus icon.

When the contact is next online, the tracker app will start following them and recording their activity. If the privacy settings for the account are set to public, you will be able to view the profile photo and the time that the user was last seen almost instantly.

With Yanva, you can simply monitor and keep tabs on more than ten accounts at the same time, and the platform also provides a comprehensive summary of the activities for each day.

You will be able to monitor up to four different profiles for a monthly subscription fee of $12.99, and you will be able to do so. As a point of comparison, the monitoring of ten profiles will set you back $31.99.

Online Monitor

The Online Monitor is a potent tracking tool that can compile all of the relevant information and present it to you in the form of a full report covering the previous thirty days.

Within the report, you will be able to find out at what time the aforementioned contact was online, how much time they had spent using WhatsApp, and each and every instance of when that contact went offline.

You also have the option to get notifications, which will keep you informed anytime the user returns to their online or offline state. You can also compare the data that each user has viewed most recently with one another.

The application makes it possible for you to monitor more than five different WhatsApp numbers at the same time. You will see separate statistics for each user to which you have access.

The most fundamental subscription to the Online Monitor app costs $2.99 per month and enables the monitoring of one WhatsApp number. You will need to purchase a monthly subscription that costs $11.99 in order to track four numbers.


WaStat shows you all the required details about your WhatsApp contacts regarding when they came online, how much time they spent online when they went offline, and the last seen report.

When you have sufficient information regarding the last time your contacts were viewed, you will be able to use the feature that allows you to compare two profiles. This will make it much simpler for you to identify similarities or patterns.

If you wish to subscribe to the WaStat tracker, you will be required to make a payment through an external third-party app. This app requires approval through the use of an application token, which may be readily generated by the user.

You also have the possibility to directly contact the app developers via email in order to obtain prompt support in the event that the app experiences technical difficulties.

There are two different subscription bundles available. For example, if you wish to monitor four different profiles, it will cost you $4.99 each month. However, if you want to monitor ten different profiles at the same time, the subscription will cost you $11.99 each month.

Chat Track

Chat Track app provides you with 24/7 WhatsApp chat online and offline activity reports.

You will receive an instant notification each time the number comes online or goes offline, even if the user hides their most recent appearance.

You will receive all of the complete data, including the amount of time that they spent online, and you will be able to simply filter logs depending on the day and the time using the reports.

You will be able to see the exact time that they arrived online as well as the time that they left the system. Additionally, you are able to monitor many numbers at the same time.

The fact that the developers are kind enough to provide you with a free trial allows you to test out the functionality of the app and determine whether or not the reports meet your needs.

There are three different subscription plans available for Chat Track. Popular at the low, low price of $7.49 per month. The regular price of $2.99 each week. Deluxe at $20.99 each quarter (3 months).

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